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This 11-pounder is considered average, but the pull he gave was super-sized!

Try Your Luck Pond Fishing!

In Europe, fishing for carp and other “rough” fish has been a popular pastime for centuries. Now American anglers – both bait and fly fishermen ­- are falling in love with the sport of Carp Fishing. As anyone who has hooked a carp can attest, these hefty brutes fight harder and longer than just about any game fish you will ever hook!

The Adventure Village offers a one-acre pond full of Carp, catfish, and fresh mountain trout, weighing from 1 to 30 pounds. The fishing pond is open to the public year-round, as well as providing village tenants with the opportunity to catch that fish of a lifetime. After a quick photograph, all carp must be released. Monthly tournaments during the spring, summer and fall add to the challenge of hooking and landing these whiskered, magnum-sized members of the minnow family.


Our carp pond is a relaxing place to spend an afternoon in search of Mr. Big

Whether you are fishing for fun on your own or part of an organized tournament, rest assured that carp fishing is a family-friendly pastime at The Adventure Village. No alcohol, drugs or loud music is permitted. Our regulars are a friendly bunch who are willing to help a fellow “carper” land a big fish or offer advice about rigging and baiting. In addition to rental rods and rod holders, food and beverages are conveniently available at our Village Store. We also sell a variety of scented carp baits, hooks, strike-alert beepers and other fishing accessories.

We do ask all fisherman to abide by The Village Catch-&-Release Rule for the Carp and catfish. However, you may catch and keep as many trout as you are able. We even offer a nice fish cleaning station with lighting and hot/cold running water. Just bring along your fillet knife, and you are set. Enjoy delicious trout cooked over an open wood fire!

Additional Information

• Open daily from 10:00am till 5:00pm for non-campers

• Fish all day for $10 (non-campers)

• If you are staying in the resort you fish for free.

• Catch and release Carp and Catfish only. Single hooks only. We have a 2-rod limit, please. No floating bait may be used.

  • We rent poles for $5.00 per day

If you prefer to catch trout thru the summer months there is a trout farm a 1/4 of a mile away. They will clean the trout and pack on ice for you to cook. The phone # for the trout location is 828-553-2217. Rent a tent site, RV Site, a Camping Cabin, Family Chalet or a Jacuzzi Suite, tour our 90 ares resort and make yourself at home. You will find it clean, peaceful, family and pet friendly.                                        We also carry all the information on all the river trips that are in the area and of course the 250 waterfalls that make us great.

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